24 April, 2014

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Immersion in Much-Needed Magic

Against all odds, I became a bit of a seamhead this summer. In my Maryland youth I was a diehard O’s fan, for the O’s of the ’70s and ’80s and middle ’90s were run the way a team — any team — ought to be run. But the ruinous Reign of Angelos the past 15 […]

A Veteran Media Voice Speaks Out Against Sufficating Skins Coverage

Did you know that WRC News4 anchor Jim Vance has been with that outlet since 1969? He’s seen a lot in that time in the nation’s capital, but apparently this summer he’s already seen more wall-to-wall Redskins’ coverage than even he can tolerate. He has a weekly videotorial known as ‘Vance’s View,’ and in its […]

Here’s Hoping

Mostly, I hope the Legend who selflessly and at no small personal sacrifice answered George McPhee’s plea back in autumn leaves the Chinatown rink this evening savoring unique triumph, as the bench leader of the crest for which he too often, as Capitals captain, endured springtime disappointment. The Washington Capitals have never vanquished a defending […]

Reflections on the Post’s Survey of Our Sports Town Standing

If you haven’t read Dan Steinberg’s Washington Post essay on the District’s standing as a sports town, which ran on A1 this past Sunday, you really ought to. It’s underpinned by a significant survey of the region’s sports patronage/consumption patterns, and the analytical narrative Steinberg constructs is thoughtful and provocative. We’ve long known that we […]

The Ruinous Redskins Owner Now Seeks To Silence Free Speech

It’s hard to fathom the possibility that Redskins’ owner Dan Snyder could manufacture an even lower regard for himself in Washington these days, but he’s managed to do it: yesterday he had lawyers file a lawsuit against the parent company for Washington’s City Paper, whose Dave McKenna published a tour de force tally of Snyder’s […]

Nicky’s New Digs

In their “Luxury Homes” column, the Washingtonian detailed Backstrom’s recent home purchase. Looks like someone got a $200,000 price cut from his buddy:

Capitals star center Niklas Backstrom bought a house in Arlington from his former teammate Jose Theodore for $2 million. The six-bedroom, eight-bath home has a fitness room, Irish pub, wine cellar, and theater. It listed for $2.2 million.

Potentially a Landscaping-Altering — and Enhancing — Moment

In a Sports Illustrated column listing holiday gifts he’d give to each NHL club, what Darren Eliot offered the Capitals yesterday caught my attention: “A remote control to fast-forward the regular season because anything they do now is inconsequential. They will be judged solely by their playoff performance.” In sentiment it is identical to the […]

A Righteous Rant Calls Into Question the Durability of No. 1

When it comes to the Redskins, we’ve had our schadenfreude say here over the years. Of late, we’ve avoided comment. A totaling car crash is a totaling car crash. Our position remains: a once flagship franchise, one that no small number of OFBers was belovedly attached to in youth, has been single-handedly ruined — desecrated, […]