20 April, 2014

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Down and (Locked) Out

Derailing the NHL’s modest momentum with a lockout will reduce the money pot the owners and players share. So how is holding fans hostage helping their bottom line? It’s not—yes, the league needs a new CBA, but the chasm between the two sides speaks more to a clash of egos than a reasonable negotiation.

OFB TV: Comcast Sportsnet’s Jill Sorenson on Washington Blooming in Pucks This Spring

We had a chance to visit with Jill Sorenson of Comcast Sportsnet recently and call her out for some Avery-like behavior during the media skate the Capitals held at season’s start. More importantly, Jill shared with us some first-hand accounts of how dramatically and beautifully Washington is hearting its Capitals this spring. And we extracted […]

A Special Night’s Imagery in Old Media

A tale of two much different looking front pages for big dailies on Thursday, with the Washington Post offering a rare but much welcomed exhibit of Capitals’ playoff triumph above the fold, in glorious color, while the New York Daily News wallowed in its city’s hockey heartache and agony. The Post’s Metro section on Thursday […]

Aiding the Cause of Free Speech

Leadership at the Washington City Paper has unveiled a legal defense fund for its hero-journalist Dave McKenna. McKenna, you almost certainly know by now, crafted a sumptuous survey of Redskins’ owner Dan Snyder’s malfeasance and bullying tactics over the past 12 years. This defense fund, City Paper editors note, is part symbolism, part practical solicitation. […]

The Ruinous Redskins Owner Now Seeks To Silence Free Speech

It’s hard to fathom the possibility that Redskins’ owner Dan Snyder could manufacture an even lower regard for himself in Washington these days, but he’s managed to do it: yesterday he had lawyers file a lawsuit against the parent company for Washington’s City Paper, whose Dave McKenna published a tour de force tally of Snyder’s […]

Potentially a Landscaping-Altering — and Enhancing — Moment

In a Sports Illustrated column listing holiday gifts he’d give to each NHL club, what Darren Eliot offered the Capitals yesterday caught my attention: “A remote control to fast-forward the regular season because anything they do now is inconsequential. They will be judged solely by their playoff performance.” In sentiment it is identical to the […]

A Righteous Rant Calls Into Question the Durability of No. 1

When it comes to the Redskins, we’ve had our schadenfreude say here over the years. Of late, we’ve avoided comment. A totaling car crash is a totaling car crash. Our position remains: a once flagship franchise, one that no small number of OFBers was belovedly attached to in youth, has been single-handedly ruined — desecrated, […]