18 April, 2014

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The Curious Case of Jason La Canfora’s Disappearing Tweets

There was great volume of high-pitched conversation about the Capitals taking place late last Thursday night, near the end of the Penguins’ 5-2 seal-clubbing of the Caps, and the most intriguing of it emanated from the Twitter feed of former Washington Post and Capitals reporter Jason La Canfora. La Canfora, who covers the NFL today, […]

Appreciated Callout

Scored us some love from WaPost today, and we send it right back. From Tarik to Steinz to Boz and all the paper’s photogs, there was rich and deeply reflective coverage of this historic week for hockey here by the big paper. Be a good idea for us to chronicle, too, the best of this […]

Failure’s Blame Stretches Far and Wide

Some random observations and notes-sharing from a remarkable last 72 hours: There’s standup, and then there’s what Gabby offered the Washington Post’s Tarik El Bashir Wednesday morning — actually agreeing with Capitals management that it was time for a change behind the bench. He actually told General Manager George McPhee, “You’re doing what you have […]

An Offseason in Bullets (with, Hopefully Soon, Our Old Bullets Back)

Let’s say that like me you approached this offseason as an occasion to distance yourself from hockey a bit, to treat our sport’s summer developments with comparative indifference relative to recent years. First-round flameouts by Cup heavies can breed that. And enduring an all-time hot summer here made thoughts puck tougher to come by. No […]

The Summer of Fat Albert Brings Bad News for the Hockey Beat

At the very top of the hockey media hierarchy here there have been ominous departures this summer — Tarik El Bashir is pursuing new beats within the Post’s sports department, ones which won’t require anywhere near the travel commitments the hockey beat does, while Lisa Hillary is bolting to cover the Flyers for Comcast in […]

Interview With Alzner

On Wednesday, 106.7′s Overtime w/ Bill Rohland featured a Hershey Bear who’s sure to have a big impact in D.C. this season: Karl Alzner. According to Tarik:

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, but McPhee pretty much said both John Carlson and Karl Alzner will be full-timers in Washington next season. “He’s shown us enough,” McPhee said of Alzner, who scored a huge goal in the first period of Monday’s Calder Cup-clinching win and was a rock on the blue line. “He could have been in the NHL last year. But the way our team was playing last year, we didn’t want to tinker with the chemistry too much and we thought he would be better off if we kept him playing. He’s a guy we expect to be in Washington.”

Listen to the audio here, if nothing else, to hear him explain how he looked like Wolverine for the team photo.

From the Author of Gabby, a First-Rate Take on New Media and Hockey

A reporter of Tim Leone’s accomplishments and stature doesn’t need any advice from me on how to tackle a story, but when he interviewed me last month about bloggers and their role in covering the Caps, I emphasized the importance of talking to Off Wing Opinion’s Eric McErlain. With my Sunday morning diner coffee in […]

First Fifth Review

The first fifth of the Capitals’ season leaves the club with a 10-3-4 record, 24 points, and a first-place tie for the the conference lead with the archrival Penguins. But is the Capitals position in the standings reflective of an authentic Cup-contending team? At the moment, Washington is the streakiest team in the league and […]

A Homecoming Debut

By now you know the Washington Capitals have recalled defenseman Tyler Sloan from Hershey for this west coast road trip.¬† It is expected that Sloan will make his NHL debut tonight in his native city of Calgary. A nice piece on Sloan’s journey to the NHL can be found in both The Post and The […]

Open File: Duchesne Cup Championship

[Check out the first published photos of the presentation of the Duchesne Cup.] I alone among camp chroniclers am sporting a playoff beard during the Duchesne Cup Challenge, but I was also a big Gator fan. Bruce Boudreau gets the credit for conceiving the Duschesne Cup (recommended viewing: Lisa Hillary’s coverage of it), and initially, […]