18 April, 2014

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In an Autumn of Challenge, I’m Counting Special Blessings This Thanksgiving

I thought I knew what a really bad clock was — the one that counted down the Capitals’ demise in game 7 here against the Pens a couple of springs back. Not a terrific reckoning of time to be sure that night. But no way that moment in time had anything on the really bad […]

OFB TV: Catching Up With a Killer

The Washington, D.C. area was lucky enough to have Kevin “Killer” Kaminski attend the Caps game against the Chicago Blackhawks. We at OFB were even luckier to get a chance to talk with him after the game. Tara Wheeler got the honor to ask him about his NHL playing career, what his most memorable highlight was and whether or not today’s hockey players are as tough as the ones from his era. Check out the video to hear the whole conversation.

OFB TV: The Worst of a Discouraging Season?

John, Tara, and special guest Dan Schutte of CBS TV 19 in Charlottesville, Va., discuss the Caps’ dismal 4-1 loss to Los Angeles Kings on Saturday. John called it the “perhaps the worst loss at home of the year.” The reaction of another sold-out Verizon Center throng in yesterday’s third period seemed to suggest that […]

The View from Charlottesville (Take II)

Will speedster Jason Chimera shift the Caps’ first line into high gear? Also, hockey ratings are on the rise… but you wouldn’t know it to watch the “Worldwide Leader in Sports.”

OFB TV: Trapped with Tara Wheeler

OFB TV: On a Night for Goalies, a Goalie Gives Us Her Read

We had our favorite netminder with us in the Verizon Center press box last night, Penn Stater Tara Wheeler. Today Tara is anchoring two evening news broadcasts at WCAV TV in Charlottesville, Va., and with two young gun goalies a lead storyline from last night’s Caps-Flyers tilt we asked her to guest-hostess OFB TV and […]

Snapshots of a Blogger’s Season, 2009-10

[Hockey season's over. Herewith, 25 of my favorite, most personal moments covering hockey in Washington during the 2009-10 campaign, relayed in no particular order.] (25) Not one, not two, but three blizzards buried Washington in the heart of hockey season. Blizzard no. 2 took out my home’s power for fully three days, but my beer […]

Meet Washington’s Hanson Sisters

Earlier this season we schemed what we thought would be good fun for OFB’s Christmas card in 2009: outfit three of our favorite hockey lovers among local media — Comcast Sportsnet’s Tara Wheeler, Lisa Hillary, and Michelle Scalise — in Charlestown Chiefs’ sweaters and Santa’s caps at one of Washington’s most scenic skating locales, and […]

Tara Terrific She's Now Called

A motivating factor for my writing for the Canadian media site fadoo.ca this hockey season is my belief that HockeyWashington has so many terrific stories to tell, and I want them exported. With ‘Hockey’s Biggest Heroes Sometimes Come in the Smallest Packages,’ I’ve shared with our Canuck cousins to the North my favorite story of […]

Local Broadcaster, Goalie, and Cancer Fighter Garners Impressive Recognition

Comcast Sportsnet’s Tara Wheeler is the subject of an outstanding feature in the November issue of USA Hockey Magazine, ‘Tara Terrific: Former Miss Virginia Is a Goalie with a Heart of Gold.’ Unfortunately, a link to the piece isn’t available, but it’s terrific to see Tara’s story circulating more widely within the hockey community. She’s […]