19 April, 2014

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Caps Avoid Collapse: Caps 4 / Bolts 3

Thin Skinned Down in the Sunshine State: Clever Bruins Smack Gets Silenced

My eternal problem with the Southeast division: There are no rivalries in it in any way approaching those we once enjoyed with our predecessor Patrick division, and subsequently, I can’t summon the hate. And in instances as with what a segment of Lightning fans in Tampa, led by a silly DJ there, carried off this […]

A State of the Nation That Comes Up Small

On May 5, the morning after his hockey team had been swept out of the playoffs in the second round by the no. 5 seed, Capitals owner Ted Leonsis, to his credit, logged in to his blog, congratulated the victorious Tampa Bay Lightning, and swallowed no small amount of pride in acknowledging that “[Tampa's] role […]

Renewed Questions of Leadership

Deep into Tuesday night, a prominent member of Washington’s hockey media, referencing the Boston Bruins’ effort in game 2 of the Eastern conference finals, emailed me this reflection: “This is what a desperate team is supposed to look like down 0-1 in a series not wanting to go down 0-2 before hitting the road.” Indeed. […]

Wishing for a Special Forces Mindset

Big news — the Red Wings are out of the playoffs, prematurely. Prematurely for them of course is anything short of securing the Cup. The seasons change, some faces change, the objective though for the Wings ever remains the same. I was struck at the ferocity and domination with which Detroit skated in periods two […]

Reconstruction Time

As implosions go, by a perennially imploding franchise in spring, this may have been an all-timer. And you know where we stand: there should be serious repercussions. On an individual game basis, the scoreboard will suggest that this Caps-Bolts series was close and competitive. In reality, the Capitals were never in this series beyond the […]

My Kingdom for a Competent Line Change!

How does a team with so much talent suffer fortunes so stinging spring after spring after spring? My kingdom for a competent line change! A horrific line change ended game 2; game 3′s first power play, which produced an ever elusive goal for the Caps with the extra man, ended prematurely because of . . […]

Referendum Hockey Is Here

We are going to learn a great deal about the DNA of the Washington Capitals over the next 36 hours. Immediately before them is an enormous if suddenly unexpected task: attempting to gain, on the road, viability in a series everyone predicted them to win but in which tonight they face what is almost certainly […]

The Curse of Cute Hockey Strikes Again

It is a dangerous thing in playoff hockey, to be an expected winner and to be winning narrowly and to have golden opportunities to vanquish a weary underdog opponent but fail to do so. An underdog in hockey often gains game-altering vitality from a death row pardon. The Capitals were ahead of the Lightning 2-1 […]

Tampa vs. Washington: Of Ageless Wonders, Young Guns, and Matt Bradley’s Right Hook

How ’bout a second cup-a -joe this morning — you need it especially if your alarm went off around 4:00 to tune in to matrimony madness across the pond. Meanwhile, back home, it’s time for round 2 of the NHL playoffs, and, like the Capitals’ roster, we couldn’t be more ready to get the series […]