16 April, 2014

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A Crisis of Mismanagement

If you are shocked and dismayed by where we are with hockey in Washington these days, you weren’t reading here last July. The Unexpected Rebuild, I called it. The Washington Capitals today on the ice are receiving their just due: they aren’t merely what their record says they are, they are what the composition of […]

Seventh Game Aftermath Red Rockin in New England

8 Arlington St., Portland, Maine, 10:55 p.m. Wednesday night — very much Bs country.

Hockey Town? Oh Yes

Reuters’ Jason Reed snapped this photo last night of the President in the moments surrounding his address to the nation. It’s lodged on the Atlantic’s web site and understandably is being distributed rather widely among Caps’ tweeps today. There was a great deal of red-clad celebrants outside the White House last night. There was also […]