17 April, 2014

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Linemate for a Lifetime

Together we blistered slapshots from every conceivable angle, fed each other for one-timers, played games of posts with a couple of other puck pals, and just lost ourselves in the fantastic frigidness of timeless, unsupervised shinny.

Cool Print Treatments of Outdoor Hockey’s Enduring Appeal

“The truth is with fickle winter weather and a lack of hockey tradition, real Maryland pond players are as far apart as Washington Capitals star Alex Ovechkin’s front teeth,” observes Candus Thomson, in her gorgeously written January 30 Baltimore Sun feature on Maryland’s dedicated shinny skaters. We about the region in touques and hockey sweaters […]

Endless Skating

Endless Summer’ is the title of a relatively memorable American surfing culture flick from the mid-1960s. A feature-length film premised on the video below might be aptly titled ‘Endless Skating.’ A tip of the touque to our pals Andrew and Tommy, makers of the documentary Pond Hockey, for alerting us to this spectacular video shot recently in Whistler, British Columbia. These perfect skating conditions were created by a thawing rain followed by a hard freeze — or kinda just what we experienced in D.C. this week leading up to a forecast for a frigid weekend.

Gone Skating

Extra strong Maxwell House and an extra helping of blueberries in the hot cakes this morning, for it is the best possible morning on my calendar: the winter weekend affording a Maryland pond hockey skate with my beer league buddies. See you in blissful soreness this evening, with photos. Update (7:05 p.m.): Am sore. But […]

How Victory Looked and Sounded in Section 104

Gearing Up for the Winter Classic

Comcast’s Corey Masisak offered an informative and should-be-read piece on NHL.com recently about the equipment-preparation side of the Winter Classic. We wanted to add in a few details from a conversation OFB had with the Capitals’ head equipment manager, Brock Myles. The Winter Classic, after all, represents a remarkable challenge for the Capitals’ equipment staff: […]

A Wet Winter Classic?

Would that this coming weekend’s Winter Classic had the problems much of the East Coast does this morning: too much winter wonderland. Instead, forecasts for New Years weekend in the western Pennsylvania Industrial Cesspool are calling for temps in the 50s and steady rain. Great. At least the out-of-towners won’t have to worry about wet […]

Global un-Warming on the Potomac

My Inner Viking, Roused by the Arrival of Mr. Deep Freeze

The mercury must fall below 20 before I entertain any notion of donning a touque, and gloves (a real rarity) — my inner Viking won’t have it otherwise. We aren’t there yet this week, though Washington’s air early this a.m. was ripe with winter bite. Also, the region’s first appreciable trace of snow arrived (in […]

A Sunday Skate Outdoors with the Pros

How about receiving an early Christmas card? Thanks to the Washington Capitals, we have some very seasonal images from a skate at the Sculpture Gardens Ice Rink at the National Gallery of Art that a band of Caps took earlier today with area schoolchildren and fans. We’ve said it a thousand times, but it bears […]