19 April, 2014

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A Crisis of Mismanagement

If you are shocked and dismayed by where we are with hockey in Washington these days, you weren’t reading here last July. The Unexpected Rebuild, I called it. The Washington Capitals today on the ice are receiving their just due: they aren’t merely what their record says they are, they are what the composition of […]

Hitting the Ice a Man Down

Some say one must embrace hockey from birth to really appreciate it. Oh, you can become a fan of this great sport no matter your upbringing — but if you didn’t grow up with it, then it’s something you learn to like, not something you breathe.
I breathe hockey. And I owe that all to my dad.

Striving Still for Serial Killer Status

This morning I am thinking a great deal about the New Jersey Devils, a great deal about the Detroit Red Wings, and a great deal about Matt Bradley. Winners win, and losers lose, and they do so in our sport for very specific, very traceable reasons. And every once in a while a lone figure […]

Size, of Body and Heart, Matters — Especially in 2012

Instructive moment: Rangers’ captain Ryan Callahan, made captain at so tender an age partly out of his affinity for playing December hockey games like they’re game 7s in May, blocked a John Carlson slapshot at the point the other night, and the selfless sacrifice led to a Rangers goal in transition seconds later. The block […]

Caps Rock the Rock: Caps 3 / Devils 1

Caps Rock the Rock: Caps 3 / Devils 1

A Sort of Homecoming & Neuvy Shines: Caps 3 / Devils 0

Uninspired and Unwatchable

Like many in the region, I lost power in my home during Wednesday night’s storm. But I’ve a four-wheel drive and a flatscreen-laden Chili’s nearby, and I really wanted to watch the Capitals’ final game before the All Star break. Bruce Boudreau had identified Wednesday night’s game in Atlanta as a big one. (Like those […]

Identity Crisis (cont’d.): Greyhounds, Masquerading as Huskies

If you have a kennel full of greyhounds, can you make sled-pullers out of them? And: should you? An individual NHL game in midseason is but a proverbial snapshot in time — a single frame in a long-running motion picture. Macro-meanings about it aren’t there for the divining. Generally. But some games are bigger than […]

The Frenchie That Saved Washington

Weeks or months hence, perhaps even during a springtime parade, will we look back at the 34-second mark of period two in Ottawa December 19, and of that night’s second stanza more generally, both of which belonged to Matty, and say: at what was perhaps the most crucial moment this franchise has faced in the […]

Sealed With A Kiss: Capitals 5, Devils 1