23 April, 2014

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A Crisis of Mismanagement

If you are shocked and dismayed by where we are with hockey in Washington these days, you weren’t reading here last July. The Unexpected Rebuild, I called it. The Washington Capitals today on the ice are receiving their just due: they aren’t merely what their record says they are, they are what the composition of […]

The Unexpected Rebuild

“Who’s putting the puck in the net?” in D.C. next season, Greg Wyshynski wonders, while digesting the news of Alexander Semin signing with Carolina. I wonder too. Let us hope that the captain shows up in shape this fall. Or: Let us hope there’s prolonged labor strife. It’s one thing to jettison Semin as at […]

Quality Content and Good Fun: WRC’s Embrace of DC’s Hockey Blogs

With five consecutive playoff appearances, the Capitals have helped deliver another rite of spring — local NBC web guru Jim Iovino’s spirited playoff survey of local media, heavy on blogger participation, to his credit. Jim is the managing editor of NBCWashington.com, a serious puckhead, and from his first day in the Verizon Center press box […]

Renewed Questions of Leadership

Deep into Tuesday night, a prominent member of Washington’s hockey media, referencing the Boston Bruins’ effort in game 2 of the Eastern conference finals, emailed me this reflection: “This is what a desperate team is supposed to look like down 0-1 in a series not wanting to go down 0-2 before hitting the road.” Indeed. […]

Another Playoff Party Online for Blogging Pucksheads at WRC

Among a host of impressive media voices we chimed in again on what we think might happen in the Caps-’Bolts series for WRC-TC 4′s web site today. JP, Dave Nichols of the Capitals News Network, WNST’s Ed Frankovic, Sean Leahy of the Puck Daddy team over at Yahoo, the Washington Times‘ Ted Starkey, and more […]

NBC’s Consortium of Hockey Prognostications

WRC-NBC 4 put together a fun project for the Caps-Rangers series, soliciting the prognostications of a wide array of local hockey voices, with a commendably heavy emphasis on new media voices locally. The blog roll of participants included many of our favorites — Ted Starkey, JP from Japer’s Rink, Dave Nichols, Ed Frankovic, Adam Vingan […]

Nous Sommes Tous Canadiens

In the service of honesty, I will open two crucial caveats. First, I am a Caps fan, but I have lost the fanatic team loyalty of my youth, when I would videotape and rerun Greg Maddux on the mound for the Atlanta Braves during my teenage years or when I convinced myself that the Buffalo Bills lost their fourth Superbowl in part because I unfroze my clenched lotus position during halftime to eat dinner. I follow the Caps, I follow hockey in general, I’ve loved this blog…but my fandom is one primarily of player-attachment (I have a great fondness for Ovi) and a general sense of teams or players I like (the Caps, Brooks Laich, the Wings) and teams or players I can’t stand (the Rangers, Matt Cooke, Semin when he seems like he doesn’t care). So, this post resonates more with the lovely meditation on Montréal hockey culture recently posted by pucksandbooks than a close reading of Holtby v. Varalamov v. Neuvirth. (Although, I do agree that the Holtby demotion is nonsensical.)

The second caveat? I am a doctoral student in English literature living in Manhattan. Which explains why I’m going to quote William Wordsworth on how to write poetry. (Sorry.) The key, he says, is to write only after a profound experience in order to best capture “emotions recollected from tranquility.” Have the upheaval, be boulversé if we’re going to be bi-lingual, and analyze it later. And that’s what I’m trying my best to do here.

Welcome to the Blueline, Gabriel

The arrival of a new Capitals’ fan into the world is a joyous occasion, but especially in the instance of Gabriel Pepper, first child of Stephen, the maestro behind Japer’s Rink Radio. Young Pepper, born this past weekend, had the courtesy to arrive on an off day for the Caps. And Gabriel appears destined for […]

Chatting Postseason Pucks on 106.7 the Fan

Apologies in advance for going on radio the other night with my buds at 106.7 the Fan on a crappy, overtaxed Blackberry. It’s been a burdensome spring in communications space for me. Anyway, as usual, I had a blast ‘chattin pucks with Danny Rouhier and Grant Paulson immediately after the Caps’ 4-3 overtime triumph over […]

How I Came To Befriend a Killer

In October 2006, when we started OFB, I decided that the very first figure from the Capitals’ past I wanted to interview was Kevin ‘Killer’ Kaminski. My interest was partly out of respect and affection — no Capitals’ player I’d watched since 1974 matched Killer pound for pound in guts and courage. But I was […]