23 April, 2014

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Best Hockey Night in Canada Open. Ever.

Fine work on the open by Tim Thompson (@b0undless).

HNIC Openning Montage

They always seem to do it right, don’t they?

Grapes, on the Great Caps

These are heady times in HockeyWashington — check out the latest Hockey Night in Canada ‘Coach’s Corner’ segment wherein Don Cherry gives the Caps the ultimate compliment.

TPNIC: Two Point Night in Canada: Caps 4 / Ovi 3 / Holtby Stellar / Leafs 1

A Second-Period Stampede

How cool would it be to be an Ovechkin-sweatered Capitals’ supporter, ticketed to a Hockey Night in Canada affair between the Caps and a Great White North club way far away from D.C., and to be standing in a beer line just moments after the Gr8 has broken Canuck hearts in the building with jaw-dropping […]

A Change of Fortune and Fate in the Crease

Well, who has the goaltender controversy now? And, how’s that Caps’ defense look right about now? For a team that was rather thoroughly maligned for its defensive play upon arriving in Montreal on Sunday, the Capitals in game 3 gave a doozie of a debunking of that slur. Did you notice how seldom Habs’ forwards […]

Maybe . . . Just Maybe . . . NBC Wishes It Had Run Hockey Last Night

Before we address last night’s U.S.-Canada showdown, a word of hello from the Capitals’ captain to the former Capitals’ quitter, at Olympic center ice, in Super Sunday’s first big game: Can’t watch that too often, can we? The only way to improve on that Marlboro Man moment would have been if Jagr were still dating […]

An Old Song Gets a New Beat

Last week Rush’s Neil Peart recorded a fresh take on the ‘Hockey Night in Canada’ theme song — ‘Canada’s second national anthem’ — which TSN purchased the rights to last year. The re-recording took place last Monday in Hollywood, where Peart lives.  According to Sabian, Peart’s cymbals’ source, “He arranged a drum part that is distinctly Peart […]

Inside Hockey on Ovechkin

Here is the Inside Hockey segment from this past Saturday’s Hockey Night in Canada.

OFB Correspondent Saturday Night-Seated in a Hockey Cathedral

Alexandre Giroux apparently purchased 14 tickets for tonight’s game in Montreal. Mathieu Perreault was on the hook for 17. Our own Gustafsson purchased just two, for his wife and himself in a one-night getaway fit of fun from the far-reaching demands of domesticity. His aim is to provide updates about a wide range of Saturday […]