25 April, 2014

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A Crisis of Mismanagement

If you are shocked and dismayed by where we are with hockey in Washington these days, you weren’t reading here last July. The Unexpected Rebuild, I called it. The Washington Capitals today on the ice are receiving their just due: they aren’t merely what their record says they are, they are what the composition of […]

All in Our Army Are Now Sufficiently Scarred

This morning’s message is directed at all the newbies — those who’ve donned red just in the past 5-7 years of post lockout puck. Assuming you kept Jimmy Kimmel hours Wednesday night into Thursday morning and, at the onset of Blueshirt euphoria piled high by the nearside plexiglass, felt your forehead collapse into your palms […]

In an Autumn of Challenge, I’m Counting Special Blessings This Thanksgiving

I thought I knew what a really bad clock was — the one that counted down the Capitals’ demise in game 7 here against the Pens a couple of springs back. Not a terrific reckoning of time to be sure that night. But no way that moment in time had anything on the really bad […]

‘Saturday Night Caps’ Blogger Insights

This past Saturday night I joined Off Wing Opinion’s Eric McErlain, Comcast Sportsnet’s hockey blogger Ben Raby, and veteran Capitals’ radio reporter Jonathon Warner in studio for Federal News Radio’s ‘Saturday Night Caps.’ Federal News Radio is the flagship station for the Capitals’ radio broadcasts, and Warner has been championing a ‘bloggers’ roundtable’ on his […]

With Its All Star Game the NHL Goes Fantasy

Customarily I’d glance over word of a revamped NHL All Star game with all the excitement of an online tutorial on wallpapering. But word from the league today of the 2011 All Star game in Raleigh going the route of Fantasy League selecting got personal for me: credit for the idea sure seems to belong […]