19 April, 2014

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Finally! – Caps 3 / Sabres 2

Ovi Rattles the Sabre: Washington 3 / Buffalo 1

Second Round Opponent?

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OFB TV: A Talk With Royalty

We get a chance to talk with Jack and Adam from Kings of Leonsis after the Caps 5-4 OT victory against the Buffalo Sabers. We talk about the ongoing goalie battle, Ovi and Arnott and the play of John Carlson.

1st in East … For Now: Caps 5 / Sabres 4 – OT

Tête à tête: The President’s Trophy

[This is the second post in a series that focuses on the conversation behind the issue with Andrew Tomlinson and Alex Perlmutter. The President's Trophy and what it really means in the grand scheme of things is the focus of this edition's discussion. Take a look at our opinions and feel free to add your own.]

America’s Capital Wins 1st Game of Hockey Day in America: Caps 2 / Sabres 1

OFB TV: Could the Caps Be ‘Zubrus-ing’ Marcus Johansson?

We leave the Caps’ 4-2 triumph over Buffalo with a “big-picture” concern related to rookie Marcus Johansson, and my colleague and mentor warmly remembers my 21st birthday of last week.

Caps Score First, Hold On For Win: Caps 4 / Sabres 2

Caps Shake Off Rust: Washington 3 / Buffalo 1