17 April, 2014

Monthly Archives: September 2012

Problem Solved

I thought this Q&A from the Washington Post’s Tracee Hamilton was quite insightful. Strasburg is no Nyjer Morgan on skates, but I’m sure he can hold his own. Win-win!

Immersion in Much-Needed Magic

Against all odds, I became a bit of a seamhead this summer. In my Maryland youth I was a diehard O’s fan, for the O’s of the ’70s and ’80s and middle ’90s were run the way a team — any team — ought to be run. But the ruinous Reign of Angelos the past 15 […]

Let There Be Well-Aged Rock

The Holy Triumvirate of rock came to town on Sunday evening, and hockey sweater weather made for a memorable evening for yet another memorable set.