16 April, 2014

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Bigger Moment of Redemption?

Mistakes are so much easier to take when your team wins. The Caps’ 3-2 victory covered several flubs Monday night, but this caveat should be added: any time you beat this Rangers lineup in this series, you know you’ve worked hard. So poorly timed shift changes and the inability to generate much traffic or screening […]

Another Pack of Pucksters Makes Round 2 Picks

Dear Jim Iovino: Wise men publish elevated flattery directed at beautiful women. Kinda surprised we were the only ones going with Caps in seven in round one. But we’re even more surprised to see the overwhelming majority (all but one!) of puck prognosticators over at NBCWashington.com go with the Caps in round two, against the […]

Game Day: How the Capitals Approach Video Work

7 a.m., game day (regular season). Washington Capitals video coach Blaine Forsythe is already at the rink, on a day that will consist of at least four meetings for his team as they prep for the evening’s opponent. The team’s coaching staff will use part of the morning to review game video together—a change head […]

A Bottle, Bose, and Playoff Hockey

Here’s a picture from tonight’s Phoenix/Nashville game at Jobing.com Arena. Talk about feeding today’s youth some playoff hockey. How old were you when you attended your first playoff hockey game?  That child most likely has you beat at 3 months old. A tap of the stick on the ice to our desert correspondent, Richard.


Well, that was … frustrating. Not sure what’s more embarrassing–that the Capitals couldn’t score on a two-man advantage or several power plays, or that the Rangers couldn’t manage to score with no one in net for the Caps during the final two minutes of the game. Since the Rangers actually won 3-1, we’ll give them […]

A Rare Elation To Savor

This morning, we know no Curse. How often have we been able to say that? To what extent does victory like last night’s serve as lasting balm over the scabs and scars from so many springs, that have marred and maimed our pysche so long? It was a game 7 stunner in an American sports mecca, and against the […]

Seventh Game Aftermath Red Rockin in New England

8 Arlington St., Portland, Maine, 10:55 p.m. Wednesday night — very much Bs country.

Nightmare 4-on-3 Becomes Moment of Pride in Game 6

In all of the peaks and valleys of the Capitals’ loss Sunday to the Bruins, there’s one moment that will hopefully take Capitals fans a long time to forget: the 4-on-3 disadvantage that faced their team from the end of the second period and into the beginning of the third. Imagine the mental strain it […]

Keys for an Epic Game 7

Ted’s initial prediction was Bruins in 7. Mine was Caps in 7. Two months ago, we would have all been laughing at each other if we’d made such audacious predictions then. But we’re here, looking at a do-or-die game for both teams in Boston. What are some of the factors going into the game that […]

Here’s Hoping

Mostly, I hope the Legend who selflessly and at no small personal sacrifice answered George McPhee’s plea back in autumn leaves the Chinatown rink this evening savoring unique triumph, as the bench leader of the crest for which he too often, as Capitals captain, endured springtime disappointment. The Washington Capitals have never vanquished a defending […]