21 April, 2014

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Caps Find a Way to Win Post-Deadline

By 50 minutes into an NHL game, you’ve begun to draw conclusions about the teams you’ve just witnessed. And it’s (hopefully, if you’re a reporter) left you with questions: one team overall exhibited fairly solid play, fairly good energy throughout the evening, punctuated by some stellar shifts and shots on goal that just couldn’t finish.  […]

A Team That’s Tough to Play Against

In hockey, a litany of countries have left their trademark on the sport: you play a Russian style; you pass like the Swedes; you check like a Canadian. But are you as tough to play against as an American? In hockey, you work with a puzzle of 23 players, looking for the combination that cannot […]

Boxed in, with but Hope and Wishful Thinking the Only Guide Ahead

Monitoring the NHL trade deadline Monday afternoon was a lot like riding the Red Line in early rush hour Monday morning: there was very little movement. The more I thought about where the Caps stood at 3:00 yesterday afternoon the more I thought Metro an apt metaphor. What was once proud and flagship isn’t aging […]

On Frozen Blog Trade Deadline Extravaganza

Yes, we’re one day away from the 2012 NHL trade deadline, and many eyes are on the Capitals over the next 24 or so hours. In the interest of full disclosure, I’ll admit that speculation on who to sell is not something I enjoy thinking about–it’s hard to suggest a guy should be traded and […]

What Winning Looks Like

“The guys were blocking the shots and paying the price,” Michal Neuvirth, who stopped 30 of 30 shots, told the Caps’ Mike Vogel after Friday’s game against the Canadiens. With a quote like that, you hardly need to be told the Capitals won handily, 4-1. Blocking shots and paying the price, well, pays off. Coach […]

Hitting the Reset Button

I never slow down to peek at roadside car wrecks, but I am going to blog a bit about our barely moving wreck of a hockey team. I’m here with a good deal many more questions than answers, and a lot of dark thoughts. Principal among them: How did the wreck happen? I welcome both […]

‘It’s a Team That Lacks an Identity’

On at least three occasions during Monday night’s national television broadcast the NBC Sports studio tandem of Mike Milbury and Jeremy Roenick explicitly alluded to the Capitals lacking any discernible identity. It’s a sentiment I began expresing on this blog about two years ago. And it’s a lead reason why I find it, in year […]

A Peek Inside What Caps Players See in Hunter

People can dissect the Dale Hunter plus/minus comment regarding Mike Knuble to their heart’s content; the odd call up (twice) of Joel Rechlicz; and the equally odd call up of Braden Holtby; it’s all fair game for analysis (and when you figure out a logical answer, please give me a call). But the other side of the coin is to figure out if the guys feel they’re growing under Hunter’s tutelage.

Caps Casino Night isn’t really the venue for asking serious hockey questions, but Karl Alzner, Matt Hendricks, Jay Beagle and Mike Green were accommodating nonetheless. Alzner also had some interesting insight into what Hunter’s locker room directives are like between periods in-game (since HBO 24/7 isn’t there to show us). The guys’ comments don’t answer a lot of the aforementioned questions, but they provide an interesting angle to consider in the current state of the Capitals.

Of Hope and Stating the Obvious

Nothing you read here will likely be new to you, nor will it come as any kind of revelation, to be honest. The Caps aren’t in a great state right now. Confidence is low, points are being given up, and a playoff berth looks iffy. Vitriol amongst Caps fans is high, and internet message boards […]

Questions You Get to Ask Only at Casino Night

Caps Casino Night has got to be one of the most fun events for a journalist to cover, simply because you probably couldn’t get away asking these questions without feeling guilty on an average day at Kettler. Unsuspecting victims for the evening included Mike Green, Jay Beagle, Karl Alzner and Matt Hendricks (who was fresh off a guitar performance on Rock Band).

Oh, and apologizes in advance to Detroit Lions fans.