16 April, 2014

Assessing Hunter’s First Game Behind the Bench

The Capitals lost 2-1 to the Blues in Dale Hunter’s debut as head coach for his beloved franchise.

Was the Capitals’ excessive time in the d-zone Tuesday just growing pains?

How fast can we expect Hunter to install his system?

One of Ovi’s rushes into the o-zone tonight ended up in an assist –has Hunter solved the Ovi/breakaway frustration?

Ted and I discuss this, and I try to force Ted to call a win/loss for the Caps-Pens tilt Thursday.


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  1. OvieTracker wrote:

    It’s only one game, and it appears it’s going to take a while longer for Hunter to turn the team around. I’m not surprised at the Caps loss. They were playing a team also with a new coach, but had about 10 games head start on the Caps to adjust. It’s a start, but time will tell how long it takes for the Caps to do the same.

    I also would suggest one game isn’t enough to pronounce Ovechkin’s breakaway frustration a thing of the past. It’s only one assist in one game. I and other Caps fans are waiting to see more consistency in his performance, some indication that he is on board for Hunter’s philosophy, and if Ovechkin is really serious about leading the team by example as he claims. One game, one assist, does not a season make. Nor does it predict a Stanley Cup championship either. Not by a long shot.

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