23 April, 2014

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Coming Home

If you were at the game last night, you saw the Dale Hunter “Coming Home” tribute that the Game Entertainment crew put together. If weren’t at the game, here it is:

Looking for the Smiles to Come Back

It was odd to go into the same locker room at Verizon, the same media post game press room, stare at the home bench from the press box, and know Bruce Boudreau wasn’t going to be there last night. If it feels a bit odd to a reporter, I can only imagine what the players […]

Assessing Hunter’s First Game Behind the Bench

The Capitals lost 2-1 to the Blues in Dale Hunter’s debut as head coach for his beloved franchise. Was the Capitals’ excessive time in the d-zone Tuesday just growing pains? How fast can we expect Hunter to install his system? One of Ovi’s rushes into the o-zone tonight ended up in an assist –has Hunter […]

OFB TV: Huntsy Comes Home, and the Legacy of Gabby

Bloggers were very well represented on a historic day for the Washington Capitals out at Kettler, and we asked a few of our favorites to chime in with their thoughts on the ascension of a legend as head coach of the Caps, and what Bruce Boudreau’s four years here meant to hockey in our town. […]

A Grand Experiment Begins

Early Monday afternoon out at Kettler I approached a Capitals official while awaiting Dale Hunter’s first press conference as Capitals head coach, and thanked him for “the early Christmas present.” The team rep, smiling, replied, “We couldn’t stop [the gift giving] with just [John] Walton for you!” It was for me a special moment of […]

A Legend Comes Home, To Lead

Was able to snap this photo of Dale Hunter today just moments after he completed his first practice as Head Coach of the Washington Capitals.

On “A Player’s Coach”

“The players will probably say [Hunter] is a players coach because they’d be too afraid not to say that.” – Capitals’ General Manager George McPhee


What history is being made today?  

Tallying the Warning Signs, It’s Time

This morning, we could look back on November 1 and Ovi’s outburst and deem it a moment of contempt . . . a mutinous moment, in fact.

The Toughest Poll of All

It’s a cliche, but it’s also a bedrock reality of professional sports: when a team’s results sour, in prolonged fashion, there are inherent limitations with how a roster can be manipulated to effect change; instead, it’s always the head coach who pays the ultimate price. Today, an awful lot of HockeyWashington is wondering: is it […]