19 April, 2014

Monthly Archives: August 2011

The Great One, Gordie Howe, and More

Want to see an in-his-prime Wayned Gretzky centering Alex Ovechkin? How about Ray Bourque anchoring the Caps’ blueline? Check out Legends Mode in EA Sports’ NHL 12.

THN’s Got It All Wrong

In early June 2009 I made the 10-hour journey north to Toronto to begin an internship at what many regard as the most important hockey publication in the world, the Hockey News. During my time there, I established a good relationship with a couple of writers, one of whom I got in touch with last […]

Capitalizing on Cribbage

Not all that long ago, I didn’t know what the heck cribbage was. Turns out, it’s a card game, with a whacky scoring system. According to its history, it’s long been a favorite pastime among mariners, which might explain its popularity up in coastal Nova Scotia, where my friends Mike and Marleen play it regularly. […]

Not Everyone Can Live Off Ice Hockey

Here’s a terrific hockey-themed promotional video from the United Nations’ World Food Programme . . . clever ad for a good cause.

Ex-Cap Matt Bradley Goes on Air, Calls Out Caps Culture

Matt Bradley is now a Florida Panther, but yesterday he went on sports radio in Ottawa and reflected rather thoughtfully, and rather provocatively, on his time in Washington, and most especially with respect to reasons why the Caps may have come up short each and every spring. The nearly 20-minute interview on the Team 1200 […]

The Sport’s Bible Calls It for the Caps in 2011-12

The Hockey News predicts a Capitals’ Stanley Cup victory at the conclusion of the 2011-12 season, two leading hockey media voices today informed via Twitter. Kiss of death? Meanwhile, should this prognosticating actually come true, take a look — if you dare — at how our friend Peerless says he’ll acknowledge the feat.

Ted Starkey Delivers the Chronicle of a Transition

We are thrilled to have had a chance to review a couple of drafts of a new book coming out early this autumn that affords a commendably wide-angled lens on the Washington Capitals’ organization, Transition Game: Story of the 2010-11 Washington Capitals, by the Washington Times’ Ted Starkey. The title is slightly deceiving insomuch as […]

No Slackers Here: One Capital’s Grueling Offseason Training

It’s 6:45 am, and the few people in the gym where Brooks Laich trains back in Saskatchewan have been known to throw odd glances at the NHL player being put through the paces by his trainer.  Laich has been up since 5:30 am, and he’ll be at the gym from 6:45 till 10:45, working through […]

Classic Hockey Find at Ruff & Ready Furnishings

Sometimes, though, you unearth a great piece of furniture there, or lamp, or glassware, or statue — the usual estate-sale stuff. Last weekend, though, I stumbled across a true gem: an Eagle Toys N.H.L. Hockey Night in Canada slot-hockey set.

Impact Callup: John Walton Named Capitals’ Radio Voice

I trace my passion for puck in Washington back to the 1970s, and Ron Weber’s radio calls of Caps’ games on WTOP. Radio men in hockey back then — most particularly in this region of the world — had a novel responsibility to be the eyes and ears for hockey fans unable to be inside […]