25 April, 2014

OFB TV: Comcast Sportsnet’s Jill Sorenson on Washington Blooming in Pucks This Spring

We had a chance to visit with Jill Sorenson of Comcast Sportsnet recently and call her out for some Avery-like behavior during the media skate the Capitals held at season’s start. More importantly, Jill shared with us some first-hand accounts of how dramatically and beautifully Washington is hearting its Capitals this spring. And we extracted from her a pledge to bellyache a bit to Comcast executives with an eye toward reorienting coverage priorities away from the Skins and more toward the Caps. Sort of.

One Comment

  1. Mark wrote:

    If the Caps and Flyers meet in the conference finals, will Jill Sorenson agree to fight Lisa Hillary?

    28 April, 2011 at 11:40 am | Permalink