24 April, 2014

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The Curse of Cute Hockey Strikes Again

It is a dangerous thing in playoff hockey, to be an expected winner and to be winning narrowly and to have golden opportunities to vanquish a weary underdog opponent but fail to do so. An underdog in hockey often gains game-altering vitality from a death row pardon. The Capitals were ahead of the Lightning 2-1 […]

Another Playoff Party Online for Blogging Pucksheads at WRC

Among a host of impressive media voices we chimed in again on what we think might happen in the Caps-’Bolts series for WRC-TC 4′s web site today. JP, Dave Nichols of the Capitals News Network, WNST’s Ed Frankovic, Sean Leahy of the Puck Daddy team over at Yahoo, the Washington Times‘ Ted Starkey, and more […]

Tampa vs. Washington: Of Ageless Wonders, Young Guns, and Matt Bradley’s Right Hook

How ’bout a second cup-a -joe this morning — you need it especially if your alarm went off around 4:00 to tune in to matrimony madness across the pond. Meanwhile, back home, it’s time for round 2 of the NHL playoffs, and, like the Capitals’ roster, we couldn’t be more ready to get the series […]

It’s Just the Second Round, but the Caps This Spring Are Standing Tall

There are eight teams left vying for hockey’s grand prize, and this morning, it’s interesting to reflect on the relative status of our Capitals. Put bluntly: have the Capitals ever looked quite as formidable and buzz-worthy relative to their remaining competition in the final eight as they do this spring? “Everything is falling into place […]

Welcome to Bitterburgh

Need a job? There’s an opening in Pittsburgh, according to this Craigslist ad.

OFB TV: Comcast Sportsnet’s Jill Sorenson on Washington Blooming in Pucks This Spring

We had a chance to visit with Jill Sorenson of Comcast Sportsnet recently and call her out for some Avery-like behavior during the media skate the Capitals held at season’s start. More importantly, Jill shared with us some first-hand accounts of how dramatically and beautifully Washington is hearting its Capitals this spring. And we extracted […]

StubHub Hires Nostradamus?

Saw an ad on ESPN.com’s NHL page today that caused me to double-take: ticket reseller StubHub seemed to already know what days the Caps’ Round 2 games would be.

Out West Tonight, Let There Be Whale Choking

On this spectacular spring day in the nation’s capital I saw the sun rise as I awaited the opening of my gym. It was a deeply spiritual moment — I was mere hours removed from the final horn of a gloriously tormenting Penguins’ playoff defeat. But then I thought ahead to Tuesday’s remarkable television challenge: […]

Second Round Opponent?

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Jason Takes Manhattan

Due to licensing issues, the Capitals can’t release the video that was shown before Game 5′s Opening Video. But Caps Fan “LuvdCaps” has everyone’s back. Though not the same quality had the Caps Game Entertainment staff been able to release it, it’s not bad. Enjoy. And thanks, LuvdCaps.