24 April, 2014

Monthly Archives: February 2011

Arnott Acquired for Steckel and a 2nd

[3:36pm] Bob McKenzie reports Arnott for Steckel and a 2nd round pick. Probably in 2012.
[3:13pm] LeBrun Confirms
[3:07pm] Have the Capitals acquired Jason Arnott from the Devils? Early word is Steckel is a Devil.

Trade Day for Caps

[12:13am EST] King clears waivers.
[11:50am EST] Mike Vogel is reporting the Caps have traded Jake Hauswirth and a 3rd round pick in 2011 to Florida for defenseman Dennis Wideman.

McPhee’s Moment

Is this the most important day in the NHL executive career of Capitals’ General Manager George McPhee? You could make a compelling case that it is. Publicly, McPhee is standing solidly behind his 33-20-10, second-place-in-the-Southeast squad. (The team’s 20 regulation losses before March are 5 more than the team lost in regulation all of last […]

Caps Comeback: Caps 3 / Isles 2

Because We *Badly* Need Feel-Good Distraction

Patriot News Bears’ beat reporter Tim Leone needed only 20 minutes Saturday night to develop a man-crush on a buzz-prospect:  

Caps Claim And Waive A King?

Sturm claimed? Update: Yep. Confirmed. The natural left winger was claimed today by the Capitals. Read into it what you will. Meanwhile, D.J. King has been waived.

OFB TV: Lis and Ed Talk ‘What Now?’

Oh so ugly at the rink last night, and oh so hard to talk hockey passionately when the players you cover evince so little of it on a winter Friday night before another full house, but our Lis and Ed Frankovic of Baltimore WNST delve into what Ed termed an “autopsy” of assessment of the […]

Trading Now Is of No Consequence

Trying to think of an instance in NHL history in which a 120-pt., President’s trophy winning club one season endured during the very next 7-0 and 6-0 whitewashings at the hands of a longstanding, bitter rival — one who executed the beatdowns from a lower position in the standings. Has it ever happened before? Ever? […]

100 Questions for Concerned Caps’ Fans

It’s cliche, it’s boring, it’s obvious, it’s true: We don’t know what’s going on with the Washington Capitals right now. At the risk of selling the sizzle before the steak, here’s the point of all this: I don’t know. People who make their living by watching this team don’t know. No one knows. Better defensively. […]

A Tale of Two Niche Sport Commissioners

Seldom do I expect to write about professional golf on this blog, but something about this week’s PGA Tour event in Arizona caught my eye. The American pro golf tour this week is hosting one of its corporation-concocted “World Championship” events, and its format is most distinctive: match play, as opposed to stroke play. Sixty […]