23 April, 2014

Monthly Archives: November 2010

A Classic Access Surprise

I’ve got to be honest — for the past five or six months, it’s almost hurt more than excited me to talk about the 2011 Winter Classic. I knew chances were that the team that got me to fall in love with hockey just a year ago was going to be playing in the biggest […]

Postgame Live Chat Tonight

Similar to last season, tonight I’ll be hosting a chat on CSN Washington after the Caps-Devils game. The chat will be here. Please join me to share your thoughts about the game and discuss exciting topics such as the Devils’ woes and Erskine’s mustache (which, incidentally, would be a great band name). See you tonight!

Down on the Farm, All Beat Up and Gutting Out a Weekend-Salvaging Win

It’s a much different looking Hershey Bears hockey club in the first quarter of its two-time Calder Cup defense. For one thing, cornerstone components of those two Calders are gone: Michal Neuvirth, Karl Alzner, and John Carlson have graduated to Washington. Chris Bourque is pursuing greener pastures in Europe. Captain Bryan Helmer is retired. The […]

Hockey Greetings from Italy

I’ve just returned from a couple weeks in Italy. Thought you might enjoy a few hockey-related photos from the trip… including yet another egregious example of the MSM ignoring hockey (ha!).

OFB TV: Dissecting A Difficult Loss

Elisabeth Meinecke and Tara Wheeler discuss Washington’s shootout loss to the Philadelphia Flyers last night. A special thanks to Ted Starkey for his help behind the camera.

Who’s the Control Freak Now? The Easton EQ50

But by some miraculous courtesy of the hockey gods, I now have Easton’s new EQ50 Control Freak hockey stick in my possession to evaluate—the same stick used by NHLers like Zach Parise and Mike Cammalleri. I feel a Wayne’s World “I’m not worthy” moment coming on.

We Got Slightly Atwitter Over Marcus Johansson Yesterday

It is the season for families to unite, convene in good cheer and warm embrace and, over seasonal spirits and large-portion meals, share a year’s worth of trials and triumphs, and spiritedly debate politics and sports, and soon thereafter rupture in high-pitched acrimony and pride- and esteem-smarting dispute. Ah, the holidays. Without the spirits or […]

OFB TV: Could the Caps Be ‘Zubrus-ing’ Marcus Johansson?

We leave the Caps’ 4-2 triumph over Buffalo with a “big-picture” concern related to rookie Marcus Johansson, and my colleague and mentor warmly remembers my 21st birthday of last week.

Caps Score First, Hold On For Win: Caps 4 / Sabres 2

A Righteous Rant Calls Into Question the Durability of No. 1

When it comes to the Redskins, we’ve had our schadenfreude say here over the years. Of late, we’ve avoided comment. A totaling car crash is a totaling car crash. Our position remains: a once flagship franchise, one that no small number of OFBers was belovedly attached to in youth, has been single-handedly ruined — desecrated, […]