23 April, 2014

Caps Weather the Storm: Caps 3 / Canes 2 – SO

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  1. OvieTracker wrote:

    Winning close games, finding a way to win, is good for the Caps in the big picture. It keeps them focused on playing their game. If they roll over their opponenents too often, they can get soft and start playing sloppy. Playoff games are rarely lopsided blowouts, close hard fought games are more the norm. If the Caps have finally found their groove, it will serve them well in the postseason.

    Ovie has also made adjustments to his game. He’s become quite the playmaker. If the opposition is focused on him, he’s now content to make beautiful passes to Semin or Backstrom so they can score. This maturity and ability to adapt by the Caps Captain also will serve them well in the playoffs.

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