25 April, 2014

OFB TV: Could the Caps Be ‘Zubrus-ing’ Marcus Johansson?

We leave the Caps’ 4-2 triumph over Buffalo with a “big-picture” concern related to rookie Marcus Johansson, and my colleague and mentor warmly remembers my 21st birthday of last week.


  1. Hittman wrote:

    Marcus Johannson looks like he will one day be a good two-way player, but he belongs in the AHL for now. Perreault is a much better call up at this point. I realize that Johannson is the future the way Perreault probably never will be, but the goal is winning games and winning a Cup, not grooming Swedes at the big club.

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  2. Roderick wrote:

    The thing everyone seems to be ignoring is that Johannson will never play in Hershey, he is either going to be on the Caps or he will go back to Europe. Will playing in the SEL for another season or even two prepare him for the NA style hockey he needs to adapt to?

    I think the Caps are making the best decision that they can given the situation. Get the kid some ice time with the big club and figure out if he can be that number 2 center before the trade deadline. The team has time now to work through these questions, once the calendar turns the page much tougher decisions will need to be made.

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  3. Couldn’t agree more. Except in this regard: I see a bright future for both players, here, and especially from the vantage of potential interchangability in the event of injury to one of them. But the concern here wasn’t Perreault up, MJ90 down so much as it was with MJ90′s long-term welfare. Relative to past prospect development protocols, the Caps this fall appear to be wildly deviating with the young Swede, and that can be a dangerous game.

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