18 April, 2014

This Would Be Devotion by a Bears Fan

When it comes to admiration for former Caps’ mucker-agitator Lou Franceschetti, we’re at the front of the cheering section, and while it’d be super cool to own his Hershey Bears’ sweater from 1980 — a Calder Cup winning season — $15,000 for it? Fifteen large?  If you’ve got that kinda cash to part with on a heritage sweater, Trouble Lou’s threads can be yours pronto; you just have to pony it up at eBay. At least there’s free shipping!

A tip of the hat to danaciz for the assist via twitter.

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  1. Matt Trust wrote:

    Writers of On Frozen Blog, I will be attending games 1 and 2 of the Calder Cup Finals for the Hershey Bears at Giant Center. Dates yet to be determined. I was wondering if I could provide this blog action pictures of the Hershey Bears in action. If interested, please get back to me at mtno1hockeydude@aol.com.

    Thank You


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