24 April, 2014

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A Moment of Remembrance


More Love For The Capitals’ Classic Sweaters

Yesterday I waxed rhapsodic about the return of a Capitals throwback. I contacted The Washington Capitals regarding what the team will wear for the 2011 Winter Classic, and they understandably have no comment on which jersey (or pants for that matter) the Caps will wear on New Year’s Day. But if looks at the previous […]

Resurrecting a Lost Capitals Classic

In light of the just-announced 2011 Winter Classic, will we finally see the return of the Capitals’ classic sweaters to face off against the Penguins’ baby-blue classics?
Let’s bring the stars back when the superstars meet at Heinz Field.

Classic Rivalry To Open 2011 In Pittsburgh

Well it’s official: The Pittsburgh Penguins will host the Washington Capitals for the 2011 Winter Classic on New Year’s Day at Heinz Field.

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Who Wants to Date a Faux Canadian?

As a hockey fan, yesterday’s entry from My Very Worst Date (MVWD) caught my eye for a number of reasons. Here’s a suggestion for both sexes: if you’re going on a date and absolutely have to watch the game, don’t ignore your date. It’s probably better to schedule the date for a non-game night. Bonus tip: no one is turned on by fake Canadian accents. (Real ones are a different story.)

How Hershey Wins and Wins, and How Word of Its Winning Is Spreading Fast

Radio, most particularly of the minor pro sports variety, isn’t supposed to be a money maker, let alone a cash cow. Try telling that to members of the Hershey Bears Radio Network this week, maestro-ed by John Walton. Late yesterday the Bears’ radio voice sent out word that his network had come to an agreement […]

OFB Point-Counterpoint: Trade a Semin or a Green?

Remember the ‘Point-Counterpoint‘ spoof-skits of SNL’s heyday? We’re trying our own this summer, but more respectfully, with our undergraduate interns, Alex and Andrew. Actually, Alex is no longer an undergrad. (Congrats, graduate!) Anyway, to get a hot topic kicked off this offseason, we thought we’d raise the spectre of a big trade: Do the Caps […]

This Would Be Devotion by a Bears Fan

When it comes to admiration for former Caps’ mucker-agitator Lou Franceschetti, we’re at the front of the cheering section, and while it’d be super cool to own his Hershey Bears’ sweater from 1980 — a Calder Cup winning season — $15,000 for it? Fifteen large?  If you’ve got that kinda cash to part with on […]