23 April, 2014

A Miracle Acknowledged by Today’s American Hockey Stars

Up in Hershey this past weekend our blogger colleague Eric McErlain of Off Wing Opinion  joined us in a patriotic questioning of the Hershey Bears’ John Carlson. Carlson of course etched his name in American hockey lore last month, sudden-death silencing Canadians in Saskatoon and delivering the American Under-20 team gold. With the arrival of the 30th anniversary of the Miracle on Ice we wanted to know if that seminal moment in American sports history had any relevance for today’s generation of American hockey stars. We also wanted to know if he’d heard from any of the notable names from accomplished American national teams of the past in the aftermath of scoring such a huge goal. And we wanted to know what he’s done with his gold medal hero’s sweater from the World Junior tourney.

USA Hockey, it turns out, has cultivated a heartening synergy between the young Americans who won gold last month and those competing in Vancouver in our sweater right now: the organizing body had the Olympains send messages of encouragement to the Under-20s as they competed in Saskatoon, and now the gold medal winners are returning the favor. And John Carlson is well aware of the importance of the Miracle on Ice.


  1. Eric wrote:

    It is no coincidence that the great players have a profound respect for the history of the game. The up side for this kid grows by the minute.

    22 February, 2010 at 2:01 pm | Permalink
  2. SkinsCapsTerps wrote:

    Here’s a thought :

    What would the State of US hockey be without both miracles ?

    The 1980 Olympics (i was a kid) is what turned me into a hokcey fan,that and listenning to Ron Webber call games.

    22 February, 2010 at 9:29 pm | Permalink