16 April, 2014

Best of the Best: Japers’ Rink

Here is a pretty amazing accomplishment: earlier today Japers’ Rink earned designation as the top NHL blog by Sports Media Challenge. It’s not an amazing feat in light of the caliber of content JP daily provides; rather it’s amazing to think that about 5 years after Washington’s bloggers were first identified as being at the vanguard of changing the way hockey is covered in the nation’s capital, and scores more quality hockey blogs have littered the e-landscape, it is still a Washington blogger leading the way in puck coverage.

I’ve fairly given up on the Washington Post’s ever evolving into a credible sports staff whose hard copy reflects the swiftly changing allegiances and passions of Washington’s sports’ fans. I actually think the editors there occasionally log on to JP’s site and surmise that they simply don’t have the in-house talent to match him. They’d be right. So onward in pixels we’ll pursue our pucks. Passionately. JP is our pied piper.

I take great pride in the way Washington is so passionately embracing the sport we love, and we should allow for a stoppage in play and take note of this particular messenger. Like all other Washington hockey bloggers, JP and his team bring cutting edge coverage crafted from the very limited time constraints of working professionals and the raisers of families. And like most other hockey bloggers we know, JP’s is a labor of love. It shows.

We should cheer, too, the many, many talented and devoted voices in Washington’s hockey blogosphere — they’re lodged on our blogroll to the right — who share their wit and wisdom with us most every day. A gold medal year for hockey in Washington continues.


  1. Dougeb wrote:

    As I opined on the Japers page, we are blessed in DC to have a great, high performance NHL Team and at least 3 superb blog cites: Japers, OFB & Peerless. I read each of the three daily; not only is it fun reading, but insightful and informative as well.
    Thanks to all the incredible work each of you do, and all for your readers!!!

    12 January, 2010 at 5:51 am | Permalink
  2. xke4me wrote:

    You ain’t so shabby yourself. I love the alliteration in the last 3 sentences of the second paragraph. Try saying them three times fast!

    12 January, 2010 at 10:08 am | Permalink