23 April, 2014

OFB Correspondent Saturday Night-Seated in a Hockey Cathedral

Alexandre Giroux apparently purchased 14 tickets for tonight’s game in Montreal. Mathieu Perreault was on the hook for 17. Our own Gustafsson purchased just two, for his wife and himself in a one-night getaway fit of fun from the far-reaching demands of domesticity. His aim is to provide updates about a wide range of Saturday night atmospherics not only on OFB’s Twitter account but directly here using his iPhone and a pretty cool WordPress application. That’s the intent, anyway.

So he’ll give it the ‘ole college try. He’ll also be drinking better beer than we will.

One Comment

  1. Gary ?riebel wrote:

    There was one choice of beer. Molson.

    Ok there were two choices of beer.
    - Molson Export
    - Molson M

    29 November, 2009 at 6:11 pm | Permalink