19 April, 2014

Caps Win First Playoff Series Since 1998: Caps 2 / Rangers 1

Victory Beer Toast


  1. Patrick wrote:

    glug glug!! Slurp-!! Glug!! YAH!! Glug. Glug!

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  2. jessie wrote:


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  3. Tara wrote:

    Yeah! Next up – our favorite little whiner. Bring it, Pens!

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  4. JMoney wrote:

    Very sweet!
    Now. Let’s not duff the first two to see how tough we are again…

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  5. Shirl wrote:

    And the Cardiac Caps do it again!! Whoooooo!!!
    Excuse me, but I need to go faint with relief now.

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  6. nadir wrote:

    Definately not the game I hoped I would see. I watched the game in Fairfax at Fat Tuesdays and it was packed with a lot of younger people than normal. When the Caps won, the place erupted, which surprised me since most we dressed normally and the normal fans were at the game.

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  7. MulletMan wrote:

    NOW, who was it that said that resigning Feds over the summer was a bad idea???
    IMO – he just earned every cent of his contract tonight!!!

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  8. Oh boy. This will be an interesting few days here at Tepper. I’ll be getting ragged on by all the Pens fans at school before and after my Business Law final.

    29 April, 2009 at 12:10 am | Permalink
  9. Grooven wrote:

    Pureagression: I remember those days of college up there and all the games I went to at the Igloo. Have fun with it. :)
    So despite all the lazy play, a positive about it being a close game was there was no real cheapshotting like we would expect if it were a blowout. And the tension probably added to the fun of the celebration. But really — a blowout would have been just fine too

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