24 April, 2014

Ovechkin Wii Boxing

OFB reader Mark, who works at the National Children’s Medical Center, sent along this video of Alex Ovechkin Wii Boxing with a patent during their annual visit a few weeks ago.

Do you think AO would trade the Wii controller for a pair of brass knuckles and the chance to “spar” with Grapes?


  1. Patti wrote:

    If anyone caught CSN’s segment on this visit to the Children’s Hospital, there’s a little part where Ovi’s playing this boxing game and Semin is standing next to him. While Ovi’s playing, he looks at Semin and begins to do an impression of Semin’s infamous bongo fight. Surprisingly, Semin finds it hilarious and they both start cracking up. It’s great to see that he’s not touchy about the subject.

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