16 April, 2014

The Caps Could Break The D.C. Drought

John Aloysius Farrell of U.S. News and World Report sees the Washington Capitals as the District’s best chance of breaking its big-four championship drought . . . and we, unsurprisingly, agree. Farrell is by no means starry-eyed, acknowledging that the Caps aren’t impervious (are they pervious then?) to the occasional butt-whooping, but his overall assessment is strong:

These Caps play a game of hockey, based on raw talent, young legs, and crisp passes, that Washington fans have not known. You can take that from me, who fell for the team in its beginnings (remember Ace Bailey? Guy Charron?), and recognized far too many of those grizzled old-timers–starting with Yvon Labre–who showed up to honor hall-of-famer Mike Gartner, whose jersey was retired last night.

Don’t dwell on his attempt to base a story on Ovechkin’s goal against Toronto; rather, it’s his analysis of the D.C. sports scene and of the Capitals that makes for a worthwhile read.


  1. Hackhamster wrote:

    OMG, Farrell gets hammered by the Caps faithful for this story (which upon reflection isn’t much of one). Someone actually has “banned him from the Bandwagon”!

    30 December, 2008 at 4:04 pm | Permalink
  2. OrderedChaos (Mike Rucki) wrote:

    Well said Hack… Farrell made too much over Ovi’s non-pass, but overall I thought the article was complimentary to the team.
    As for “bandwagon banning”, folks need to lighten up — after all, Farrell has been a Caps fan before some of them were born. And someone who thought little of Ovi wouldn’t have written:
    “Ovechkin makes things happen. He lurks, circles, lulls the defense‚Äîthen stunningly is everywhere, throwing his body, stealing the puck, shrugging off defenders, and there’s the red light.”

    30 December, 2008 at 4:46 pm | Permalink