24 April, 2014

Semin: "I Can Hardly Walk"

In Saturday’s SovetskySport, an obviously frustrated Alexander Semin informs Dmitry Chesnokov of his latest injury — incurred non-accidentally at the stick of St. Louis’ David Backes Thursday night:

“I have already been to the doctor. I think that maybe my nerve was
hit. And now it is squeezed. I can hardly walk. I have no clue how
many games I am going to miss. I felt bad this morning.  I feel worse
than I did yesterday.  I am trying to [use] pain relievers . . . I am so
tired of these injuries. Just [recently] one injury healed, my shot
got better. Now here is another one. When is this all going to


  1. OrderedChaos (Mike Rucki) wrote:

    Yet I’m sure there’s no talk of the league reviewing the hit, nor of them disciplining the officials’ incompetence.
    So much for Bettman’s “new NHL”… bring on the enforcers. It’s just too bad the Caps won’t see St. Louis again until next year.

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  2. JS wrote:

    Maybe this criticism is misplaced: but where has Brashear been the last few games? After the cross check to our second best player, how could he not be on the ice the next shift taking that guy out? I for one would like to see more enforcement by our enforcer — but maybe I’m wrong here.

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  3. OrderedChaos (Mike Rucki) wrote:

    Brash is an old-school enforcer — one who drops the gloves and takes on the other team’s tough guys. I suppose my use of “enforcer” was inexact… perhaps a player willing to play dirty is what the Caps need, unfortunately; see the discussions on PucksAndBooks’ post earlier today.

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  4. SovSport wrote:

    Mike, maybe they should have called Crosby after his antics in Atlanta. He doesn’t seem to mind doing it dirty.

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  5. Flying Cloud wrote:

    My last comment for awhile, and very many may not appreciate it — please don’t ban me from the site. I admire young Semin and feel for him in this latest epidsode in a frustrating and painful series, not to mention the egregious injustice of the non-call, and our team’s lack of physical intimidation as a deterrent. And yet…
    Mr. Fedorov doesn’t moan. Ovie doesn’t complain, even though everyone knows he’s been far from tip top recently, and wearing a bullseye on his back. Our captain had the year from hell, and although he described his frustration, he didn’t moan about it. Young Semin reminds me a bit of Nancy Kerrigan, the skater, crying “WHY WHY WHY” — yes, a tragic occurence but please, don’t ask why. Why do people have to get up at 5AM every day with fibromyalgia and arthritis, and go to the office whether they want to or not, where they suffer the slings and barbs of outrageous misfortune for very little compensation? Note to Semin: Get over it, child. You’re one of the lucky ones — you get to do what you love, and you’re young. You’ll heal. Lay off the pills.

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  6. Curtis wrote:

    How is it Semin’s fault he got crosschecked in the back injury that he just had healed a few games a go, I’ve broken bones and lost teeth playing hockey and I have never once complained about it, I snapped my wrist in half after being hit from behind and I took the next shift after my coach told me to “walk it off”, I was young and I healed but it was by no means my fault it happened. But if someone was to ask me about it I’d them them it sucks and that it hurts even though my joints work fine and I sleep in on weekends.
    What you going to go to his house and yell “get over your back injury your young!” and quote Shakespeare, hes saying he got hurt and if you watched the game you’d know it wasn’t his fault some injuries are actual injuries they aren’t because whoever got them was a wuss or a pansy, its a sh*tty bust for him I feel sorry for him even though he doesn’t have a terminal sickness.

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  7. Hearing a hockey player complain about an injury is definitely unusual. Most would deny being hurt as the last drops of blood were leaking from their body. However, I don’t think Semin’s admission of the pain he is suffering is some sort of plea for sympathy, merely a talented athlete who was off to a terrific start expressing his frustration that he can’t play.

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  8. zelda wrote:

    Let’s not forget that he’s not giving these interviews to the US media – and I wonder if one is in pain and on meds and the hometown (meaning Russian) media calls, one might speak more frankly in one’s own language. I saw the first injury, and I thought he had been hit in the mouth by the puck. Upon reflection, I believe he had his glove over his mouth and was doubled over b/c he knew he had a pretty significant injury and that he was in pain. I’ve watched the replay (regrettably we couldn’t make the game last night due to a company event), and it didn’t look like diving on his part, and it did look like a crosscheck that was made to look inadvertent, but I don’t believe that for a minute. We don’t get all the news that’s fit to print on injuries, but you can bet in the players’ circles that they have FAR better information about injuries. It should’ve been called, and the League should have information about players’ injuries and refs should factor that into their duties. Referees’ credibility suffers by letting these sorts of incidents happen, and too many ridiculous injuries occur which is close to criminal.
    Semin is not a whiner.
    A lot of these guys are being failed by the NHL, and it’s time the fans and the teams should demand a higher standard of accountability from the NHL, for the poor officiating, the idiocy of the All-Star voting nonsense, and the accountability needs to start with the Commissioner.

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  9. Cathy W wrote:

    I read this quote as being the response to a specific question that was asked with only the response being translated here, and not as a statement in which he is just complaining. Given the secrecy of the Caps about injuries, getting some information about what is Semin’s injury is a good thing. After reading all the complaints by fans on the internet about how Semin should have played through pain and the injury itself during his last injury despite knowing nothing about what was the actual injury or its severity, I view Semin’s current statement about not being thrilled that he is injured again as a good thing; it show that he cares and wants to play for the Caps. It seems like no matter what he says in the press this year, he gets criticism from fans. It appears that he has been more willing this year to actually speak to the press, even if it is the Russian press. He is what he is, even if you don’t agree. I just hope that he doesn’t go back to avoiding the press completely or starts just giving the standard no personality comments to the press.

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  10. Eric wrote:

    NHL officials are more interested in geometry than protecting the most valuable assets the league has, the most talented athletes in the world.
    That said, I think Semin is probably headed to the KHL. Comments like these plus his earlier comments about how Russian hockey fans enjoy finesse players more than others make me think he is not long for a North American professional career.

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  11. Curtis wrote:

    I don’t think that hes going back to Russia, hes playing with Ovechkin, how could you pass up playing with so much talent and if he stays healthy I’m almost positive they’ll sign him for a big money long term deal.
    I love being a Canadian and playing hockey in Canada but if I was offered 10 million from a team in Texas I’d play/stay there!

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  12. Go Bruins wrote:

    I am from Boston and a Bruins fan and even I was pi$$ed off by what Backes did. That was a cheap shot and clearly an attempt to injure Semin…bad enough that the refs let is go, but what is worse is nobody on the Caps did anything about it. Maybe if someone had gone over and beat the tar out of that goon, he would think twice about doing something like that next time. That was the exact situation that justifies fighting in hockey- protecting your stars- and nobody did a thing. Pretty sad.
    Obviously it should be the refs or the league should do more on their own, but someone on the Caps should have gone after that guy. He is one of your studs (and while nobody likes to admit it- almost as valuable to your team as Ovechkin) and that crap should be dealt with quick.
    That said, Semin needs to toughen up a bit, too. I am sure there are plenty of guys in the league who would not miss more than a game or two with something like that and Semin will probably end up missing a month (again). That does not excuse what that idiot Backes did, I am just giving my 2 cents on that…

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  13. GO BRUINS wrote:

    Couple more things-
    Again, in response to anyone that is unsure whether that was intentional or not- OBVIOUSLY it was intentional. That guy is a goon and knew exactly what he was doing.
    Secondly, why on earth would Semin leave to play for some half-ass league in Russia when he could play in the NHL on a line/team with Ovechkin. What a duo those two are. After playing here with a guy like that (not to mention Backstrom at times, too), and in a league like this, that would be about 10 notches down.
    Third, while I think Backes is a cheap POS and that he should have gotten the crap beat out of him and penalized, too…..Semin is clearly soft. He missed 19 games last year and is on pace to miss even more this year. While he is one of the most skilled guys in the league, he needs to toughen up.

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  14. Jessie wrote:

    On a personal level, who are we to judge Semin for “complaining?” First of all, I think whoever said he was simply answering a question is correct, and second of all, we’re fans. We want players passionate enough to give their team (our favorite team) their all. What Semin’s frustration says to me is that he is passionate about this sport and about his team and that is EXACTLY the kind of player I want playing for my hometown.
    When the league fails to address blatant attempts by goons (hellooooo, Backes) to give its rules the finger, it encourages more dirty hits like last night’s, and that’s not an NHL I am looking forward to watching. Hopefully they’ll do something about the obvious disregard of fair play displayed last night, sooner rather than later

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  15. kittypawz wrote:

    I think the Caps did it right. According to the enforcer’s code, you can’t force the other guy to fight, and with the way crap was being called, beating the crap out of anyone could have cost the Caps the game, which is more important. Blues are chicken for not answering, but Brash in his headhunting was putting the team first and not risking a potentially costly instigator penalty.
    I was at the game — Brash was looking to dance. Belive it. When the Blues didn’t bite, both he and Ovi were crushing anything in a blue and white sweater that came in reach, and they were not being nice about it. But, the game is the most important thing, and they did what they could given the situation.
    Now, against the Flyers, I expect to see Brash drop ‘em early as a warning to the other team that the Caps are not in a mood to ef around and liberties will be answered.

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  16. GB wrote:

    Has anyone ever had a pitched nerve in your back or neck? It is more painful than anyone can imagine. The fact Semin is struggling to even walk should tell you something about the situation. Yet some feel like taking shots…yea he’s soft or he needs to toughen up or, my favorite, he should not have put himself in that position…lol. Backes took a cheap shot at Semin and hopefully someone on the Caps will have the balls to stand up for a teammate the next time.

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  17. OrderedChaos (Mike Rucki) wrote:

    You’ll never be banned for disagreeing, particularly when your contributions have been well-reasoned and perfectly hockey- and topic-apropos.

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  18. While I’m not sure the hit was an intent to injure. I am sure that Alexander Semin is NOT a whinner and that the hit was a cross check and should have been called as the trip before it should have been called. Also, I am sure that the official on the ice got it ALL wrong. The inconsistancey of the officiating in the league this season is indeed truly frustrating.
    Semin was on the way to a great season and he showed up ready to play this year, in shape. His frustration is understandable as is his wondering if he should try and take pain killers to bull his way through it. I agree he just has to let this injury heal and hey if it takes a month that doesn’t make him any less of a man and certainly not less of a great talent.
    Oh and if the NHL doesn’t review the video and suspend Crosby for a game or two,for what’s on that youtube video, then the injustice and injustice and inconsistancey will continue. This season I have seen numerous stupid, unfair calls on Ovechkin. Maybe if Sidney was European or Russian there wouldn’t be so much favoritism going his way for things like that video. To be sure he is one of the great young talents in the league today – I’m not disputing or belittling that. I’m also pretty confident if you watched the whole game, he was probably going for some payback on “abuse and physicallity” dished his way, but the move by him in that video is blatent and the enforcement of the rules needs to be more consistant.

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  19. Klay Key wrote:

    The NHL is already being seriously challenged by the league in Russia. This kind of thing (nasty, illegal hits resulting in injury) is going to keep a whole generation of European players away from North America. To those who say “well, they are wimps – we don’t want’em”, I say be careful. You may end up with a hockey product devoid of creativity, grace, or skill.

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