16 April, 2014

Monthly Archives: August 2008

You Feel Shame . . . and Then You Get Free

Nobody summarizes hockey’s rules better than Denis Lemieux in ‘Slap Shot’:

The Potential for Reformed Government: Hockey for Everyone

I don’t know about you, but I’m both startled and delighted at the frequency with which we’re seeing hockey included in American’s contemporary political dialogue. Up until the very end of the veep selection process, there was a widespread belief that Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty could get the nod from nominee McCain. Ultimately, he chose […]

Captain Clark: "100 percent" a Go

At the onset of Labor Day weekend, it was most encouraging to see Capitals’¬†right wing¬†Chris Clark in his training clothes, fresh from rigorous labor out on the Caps’ Kettler ice sheet earlier today. Word broke about two weeks ago that the team captain had made a significant recovery from the debilitating groin injury that all […]

Washington Capitals: Admit One

Here’s a sure sign that hockey season is close: Thousands of fans came home from work and were greeted by a special delivery of their Washington Capitals 2008-09 Season Tickets. Below is a scan of the Home Opener ticket — a replica of the Southeastern Division Championship Banner in a hard plastic material.¬† There is […]

Need Two for the Rookie Scrimmage? Be Online Next Thursday

Caps’ fans wanting to get into Kettler Capitals Iceplex for the September 18 scrimmage between the Caps’ and Flyers’ prospects that day will need to be online and at the Caps’ Web site next Thursday, September 4, when the team will issue free tickets required for admission. Per the team press release today on the […]

An End of Summer Letter to Comcast SportsNet

My Friends at Comcast SportsNet: On behalf of the entire OFB team, I want to express appreciation for your enthusiastic support of OFB and Washington’s hockey blogs, and convey my team’s anticipation for your coverage of the Caps in 2008-09. It’s our view that on a number of fronts SportsNet markedly upgraded the breadth and […]

The Cup Cake

Earlier today, Gustafsson wrote about Michelle (CapsCrazy) and Dave (Flipper) and their epic wedding cake. CapsCrazy was kind enough to share some of the reception photos with me. It looked like quite a party- Goat, the Horn Guy (complete with horn), and frequent commenter Grooven were in attendance, among others. Even Wes Johnson, the voice […]

Lord Stanley Visits Baltimore

I guess the title is a bit misleading as Lord Stanley’s visit was brief and it was a few months ago, but you still have a chance to see it.¬† Perhaps I should explain. Turn back the clocks to August of last year where Dan Stienberg introduced us to Michelle and Dave, better known on […]

Candy Now Competing with Hockey at the Area Check-out

OFB reader Kathleen today gave us an encouraging heads-up from a recent shopping trip in the area: “In the check-out line at Shopper’s [Food Warehouse] I was drooling looking over the candy to my right and I looked up to the generic Starbucks, Barnes & Noble, and Old Navy $25 gift cards that are always […]

A Mile-High Hockey Curse?

Why hasn’t the Colorado College hockey team won a National Championship since 1957? Well the folks at LetsGoDU have compiled some impressive and entertaining information, and their deeply-dug research suggests that CC may be cursed. Click here for the full story, and kudos to LetsGoDU for providing a welcome hockey diversion this summer.