18 April, 2014

Entry Draft Live Blog

Don’t want to refresh your favorite Caps blogs this evening to follow all the draft happenings? No worries, we’ve joined JP from Japers’ Rink and FanHouse, Eric from OffWing, FanHouse and The Sporting News, The Peerless Prognosticator and perhaps even Dmitry from SovetskySport for an evening of live blogging and expert analysis on everything from the draft picks to the drink picks.
Don’t be bashful, grab your favourite puck soda, jump in and chat along. The festivities start at 6:45 EDT.


  1. zelda wrote:

    This was a great idea, and I enjoyed watching the commentary during the evening. Thanks to all of you, and JP in particular, for thinking to do this. I tried leaving a message on JP’s blog, but for some reason, I’ve had problems posting there. I particularly appreciated JP putting up the rankings after each pick.
    BTW, I got OFB on my Blackberry the day after the migration, but no longer. My work PC still did not respond even after I followed the instructions – could it be they don’t work on a linked system?

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  2. VT Caps Fan wrote:

    Well done everyone with the chat. I’m surprised I read 90% of it.
    As for the picks, I think we did well. With regards to trading up for Guss; It turned out ok. We still got the big bad D man we needed with the other pick.
    I do wish Emmy the best; Sucks he’ll be in philthy though.

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