25 April, 2014

Monthly Archives: October 2007

Happy Halloween!

Click here for a fun video from TSN with a few hockey players talking about their favorite Halloween costumes.

Kansas City Hockey: Can They Do It?

The Kansas City Star points out that the Predators’ attendance this season is currently averaging below 14,000 per game. An exit clause (triggered last year by similarly low attendance) will release the team from its agreement unless the team averages above 14,000 in paid attendance for the 2007-08 season, at which time the clause can […]

Ovechkin: "I Go Through Two Pairs of Gloves a Period"

Once upon a time, the heart of the uniform system madness-fiasco perpetrated by Reebok was the absence on the part of the manufacturer of any sense that hockey, with its sweater, had always had a novel connection between player and fan. By that I mean, those colors arranged in a particular style, and housed in […]

More Hockey & Heels

In February, the Caps hosted a “Hockey ‘n Heels” night for female fans. (You can read my recap here.) Last Saturday, the Kings hosted their own “Hockey & High Heels” event. CKim and kms2 from Purple Crushed Velvet attended the event, and CKim had this to say about it: “Hockey & High Heels was the […]

Caps 7, Redskins of Toronto 1

Is This the Year?

The NHL is starting a new promotional campaign entitled Live Every Shift. Ovechkin makes two speaking appearances, including a line in Russian. Is This the Year? Here is a second promo, also featuring Ovechkin. I Pledge No word if Reebok filmed a segment saying “I pledge to take without a receipt“.

Bonzai Officially Retires; becomes Team Slovakia GM

Long-time Washington Capital Peter Bondra has officially announced his retirement today. He takes of the mantle of General Manager for his native Slovakian National Team; he’ll be in Halifax for the IIHF World Championships in 2008. For more, click here. UPDATE: Check out Ted Leonsis’s blog for his recent lunch with Bonzai and the Capitals’ […]

"They look, uh, a little plain"

The headline is a quote from Edmonton Oilers president Cal Nichols in an article in yesterday’s Edmonton Sun. Sports columnist Terry Jones devoted his Sunday offering to “the total travesty of the Edmonton Oilers ‘pyjamas‘,” the road whites in particular. Here’s more from the team president: “I have to be careful here. Reebok paid a […]

Long Memory

Washington may not be a hockey town, but there are an ample number of hockey lovers in it. And hardcore ones at that. Take Rockville’s Bobby Brendler, who had this nugget in his letter published in the Washington Post†yesterday: “Still don’t watch Channel 7 news since Renee Poussaint revealed that the U.S. beat the Soviet […]

Roadside Refuse in New England