16 April, 2014

Monthly Archives: March 2007

More Foul Winds Under Wirtz

Today’s Chicago Tribune details what is perhaps the nadir of the Chicago Blackhawks under Bill Wirtz: free tickets there can’t even be given away: “One of the National Hockey League’s charter franchises, the Blackhawks have been so desperate to attract fans to a half-empty United Center that the organization has been offering free seats through […]

For Those About To Rock, OFB Salutes You

The soundtrack of the pro hockey arena the past two-plus decades, perhaps predictably, has nightly included one of Canada’s most idiosyncratic exports: Geddy, Alex, and Neil — Rush. I’m not sure I’ve watched an NHL game on TV the last 20 years without hearing a snippet of one of their radio hit records of the […]

Who Is Janne Lahti?

His name arose this afternoon during a WaPost chat with Tarik: “Fredericksburg, Va.: “Tarik, Janne Lahti scored another goal for HPK in the Finnish playoffs to send the game to OT. He has seven goals in seven games now. I hope the rumors of him signing here are true.” Tarik El-Bashir: “I heard those rumors, […]

10 Questions for a Full-Time NHL Scout, Part II

[The following continues a conversation with NHL Scout started Thursday, March 29, 2007] In Part II of my dialogue with NHLScout, I examine the contemporary American hockey development landscape, particularly with respect to college hockey, as this is his primary scouting territory. I sought to get a portrait of the college game’s increasing infusion of […]

Hobey Baker Finalists Announced

Notre Dame’s David Brown, Air Force’s Eric Ehn, and North Dakota’s Ryan Duncan today were announced as finalists for this year’s Hobey Baker award. The award will be made next Friday in St. Louis at the Frozen Four.

10 Questions for a Full-Time NHL Scout

If you were to compile a list of the most intriguing and alluring professions (outside of being a highly paid pro athlete), what might be called “dream jobs,” you might include a ski instructor at Vail, a photographer for Hugh Heffner, perhaps a road test driver for Porsche. My list would include being paid to […]

The Pain and Suffering Index

ESPN’s Page 2 debuted their Pain and Suffering formula today for the four major sports. The writers calculate just how much misery has been inflicted upon a given team’s fans (any team that won its sport’s championship in the past twenty-five years is excluded), then list the 46 most aggrieved fan bases. The Flyers come […]

Newborn Penguins, Waddling in Very Winning Ways

A non-startling confession: I haven’t been in that many professional sports team locker rooms — fewer than 10, including visits during this landmark season of blogger access courtesy of owner Ted Leonsis — and so perhaps what I’m about to report is couched in the naivete of limited exposure, as well as my personal encroachment […]

Out with the New Look, Back in with the Beloved Old

Fans of every team sport enjoy owning and wearing the uniforms of their heroes, but the relationship between the hockey fan and the sport’s sweater is distinctive in the sporting landscape. We’ve documented this in some detail at OFB, and so to us the news yesterday of the Caps overhauling their look for next season […]

From Boston, With Love — Redux

Yesterday we posted a blurb from boston.com about Vincent Lecavalier calling Milan Jurcina one of the toughest defensemen he’s had to play against. Well NHL.com has jumped on the Jurcina bandwagon, with this feature article by Tom Worgo about the Caps’ new defenseman. “‘I see nothing but good things for him down the road,’ says […]