19 April, 2014

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If I Were a Hockey Player

Jes at Hockey Rants started a hockey meme this week. Its theme: “If I Were a Hockey Player”. This is somewhat similar to our OFB All-Time Five back in December where we solicited reader input and tallied the votes. Many hockey bloggers have chimed in, including: Eric McErlain – Off Wing Opinion Mike Chen Cason […]

Morning Cup-a-Joe (1/31/07)

Thesis: In his volume of natural ability, in the totality of his treachery, in his alternating sublime and show-stopping showcasing of sick skill, in his penchant, while sharing a sheet of ice with world-class, household name talent, for marginalizing them to the point of being away-from-the-action afterthoughts, and in this his January 2007, mid-winter’s full […]

A Moment of Perfect Media Clarity

Rare are the instances of bold and frank and accurate autopsies performed by media in this country, which makes Yahoo’s Dan Wetzel’s “Unhappy Anniversary” from yesterday so welcome. Fair to say, we think, that it was received in the NHL’s New York offices as coolly as the temps outside. No manner of further buildup necessary; […]

Morning Cup-a-Joe (1/30/07)

Two notable Richards return to the Washington performing arts scene late in January 2007 — the first a sinister serial killer of a usurper from the House of York, under the direction of the Shakespeare Theater’s Michael Kahn, the second a Slovakian sniper freshly rehabbed, tasked with bolstering the Caps’ attack, under the guidance of […]

Google Can Help Hockey Fans

Morning Cup-a-Joe (1/29/07)

All is not Golden in Gopherland. After spending nine consecutive weeks ranked no. 1 in the country, later today Minnesota will cede its prime perch to New Hampshire, as the Gophers were swept at home by the mediocre (15-11-2) North Dakota Fighting Sioux this past weekend. With a couple of national titles in hand, Head […]

Attack of the 80-foot Ovechkin

On the corner of 13th & L Streets Northwest hangs this huge Ovechkin banner. It’s seven stories high — about 80′ for #8, perhaps? — and brings a smile to my face every time I walk by on my way to work… a fitting advertisement for a player of his stature. Thought you’d enjoy a […]

Knee-jerks: vs. Carolina, 1/27/07

Complete turnaround from last night, kick-started by three unassisted goals in about six minutes. Of course, that was followed by Carolina scoring two goals to make things interesting, but the Caps finally got some separation on Eric Fehr’s first NHL marker. Can you name the Caps’ top three defenseman, in terms of ice-time? Eminger, yep. […]

Caps 7 / Canes 3

Knee-jerks: @ Carolina, 1/26/07

Carolina is good, and right now, the Caps aren’t. That’s the main lesson from last night. Now, any team losing two of their top six defensemen is in for a bit of a bad ride, but all the talk of ‘effort’, ‘playing smart’, etc, is ringing a bit hollow right now. In the end, however, […]