25 April, 2014

Monthly Archives: December 2006

The Hockey News' Superman

I’m looking forward to my next copy of The Hockey News. Thanks to JP and hockey nut for finding the image.

Holiday Greetings from Donald Brashear Part II

The Donald wishes Colton Orr a Happy New Year…. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LSjpLPOYsVs … and Brendan Shanahan … and Ward. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MceB6VBpfPI

Nine U.S. Colleges Go Ugly This Weekend

College campuses have ever been known for informal, indecent, immoral, and irreverent fashion. And so this weekend it continues on the ice.

Happy Holidays to Terry Frei from OFB

ESPN.com hockey columnist Terry Frei’s latest file occasions a rousing salute from this blog. Among his New Years resolutions for the sport of hockey: U.S. newspaper sports editors, Part I: To come to grips with the reality that hockey-first fans, while in some cases not as numerous as the fans of other sports, actually devour […]

Denver-Envy: Where's My Winter?

A Mid-Atlantic resident virtually all of my life, I can’t quite just dial-up delivery of a white Christmas, but is it too much to ask that it be cool enough on Christmas Eve so as to mandate riding to mom’s with my Jeep Wrangler top up? I haven’t heard yet where this December ranks among […]

Knee-jerks: vs. Montreal, 12/27/06

No rest for the weary last night, as the Caps played their second consecutive game against a good Northeast division opponent. After losing in Buffalo last night, the Caps hosted a strong Montreal club. Buffalo beat Washington with offense on Tuesday night; Montreal beat the Caps with solid defense. Huet played well, and his defensive […]

Holiday Greetings from Donald Brashear

Here’s a clip of Donald Brashear wishing Aaron Downey a Happy New Year. This came one night after Brashear sent holiday greetings to Andrew Peters in Buffalo. [googlevideo]http://video.google.com/videoplay?docId=-5539566815364970947[/googlevideo] Thanks to HockeyFights.com for posting the videos.

Knee-jerks: @ Buffalo, 12/26/06

Alex Ovechkin knew he was going to be a marked man tonight, but he probably didn’t guess that Daniel Briere would be spearing him in the jingle bells. As for the game itself, not a lot to say. The Sabres came out on fire, Brent Johnson wasn’t sharp, and the Caps’ defense is currently not […]

The IIHF 2007 World Junior Championship — A Preview

I highly recommend a visit to the official web presence for this year’s World Juniors, which takes place in Sweden and commences the day after Christmas. In the past 5 years or so, this tournament has gained a richly deserved reputation for being perhaps the best in all of hockey. Here’s why: It isn’t crammed […]

The OFB All-Time Five: Final Tally

Bobby Hull Wayne Gretzky Gordie Howe Bobby Orr Ray Bourque Patrick Roy