24 April, 2014

Caps 5 / Bolts 2

2 Point Toast


  1. pepper wrote:

    Just what the doctor ordered? Or more smoke and mirrors?
    This was a very interesting game tonight – in three acts, not necessarily in line with periods. The first act found the Caps completely outplayed, a step behind, but nevertheless either not permitting the “big” scoring chance, and/or being bailed out by Olie. Green had a couple of major gaffes, and steady (until lately) Mo had his struggles as well.
    Then Beech gets a pretty top shelfer, and Gordo scores a tremendous SHG (sure to be one of the highlight goals of the year, especially with that finish to the top corner – who knew?) and suddenly, second act, the Caps have renewed confidence, and play with crispness and determination.
    The third act features a parade to the penalty box which the Caps battle gamely through – Pettinger’s slash was weak, but a call by the book – and Olie keeps TB at bay and Ovie finishes it off with the ENG.
    But 50 shots!? Olie was razor sharp through to the end, and its been said many times, this can’t be expected every night. Hopefully the breakthrough on even strength scoring, and especially having Semin and Beech potting one each, will keep us confident to start out right instead of waiting 10 minutes in to get warmed up.
    Oh, and of course Semin intentionally fanned that shot intending to immediately then deftly roof it, right?
    Please somebody tell me something good about Zednik’s play tonight, aside from his after the whistle goal. I really want to believe he’ll be a factor at some point this season.

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  2. OrderedChaos wrote:

    Well tonight was certainly a good game for Zed. A goal, four shots on net, and a solid night overall. He still does the traditional bad-angle-Zed shot, but tonight it hit the twine.

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