24 April, 2014

Monthly Archives: November 2006

Alex Ovechkin's AIM Page

Alex Ovechkin’s web site is now live. “I decided this summer that I wanted to make a place online that my fans could feel at home. I talked to my agents and Ted Leonsis, our owner, about setting up this page. I hope you hang out, leave me a message and talk to each other.” […]

All-Time Best Caps' Draft Picks, by Round

We went through the register of every draft pick the Caps have ever made and decided to rank the best of them, by round. We awarded Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals for each of the first five rounds, and then three more medals for the best of the post 5th round drafting by the Caps. […]

Hockey Fathers and Sons

If you tuned in to Wednesday night’s Comcast broadcast of the Flyers-Predators tilt you overheard the broadcasters allude to the fathers of Predators’ players seated in Wachovia Center taking in the game. The broadcast camera briefly offered a glimpse of the dads seated in their section. Once a year, viewers learned, the Predators take their […]

Attack of the Pint-Sized Quebecois

Perhaps the greatest reward that comes from being a DraftGeek is being afforded the hockey season during which one of your team’s prospects is “the guy,” the buzz generator, the point machine nonpareil, the wellspring of irrational exuberance — the prospect whose production and fanfare fuel fanciful thoughts of future scoring titles with the big […]

Knee-jerks: at Tampa Bay, 11/28/06

(Brief knee-jerks, today, as I left my notes at home. Or my dog ate them. Or something.) Well, back to the winning formula — give up a bunch of shots, get great-to-incredible goaltending, and score a couple of goals. Gordon and Pettinger are PK machines. It’s hard to praise a defense that gives up 50 […]

Caps 5 / Bolts 2

Knee-jerks: First quarter of the season

With a bit more than a quarter of the season under their belts, we take a moment to review what the first 23 games have shown about this year’s model of the Washington Capitals. Conventional wisdom at the beginning of the season suggested that the Caps’ two biggest holes would be at second-line center, and […]

INCH Power Rankings for November 27

Inside College Hockey has its new Top 20 for college puck up. Eight solidly traditional programs are lodged in the Top 10, with Miami the up-and-comer of recent seasons at 7 and Cinderella in South Bend at 4. Minnesota (12-1-2) “In nine home matches, the Gophers have averaged an even five goals per game while […]

'Goal Oriented' Revisited

The conventional wisdom in the NHL with respect to attracting new fans is “If we can get them to see a game live, they’ll be hooked.” In the case of one Washington Post Magazine staff writer, it turned into a cover story. As mentioned in an earlier post, April Witt’s profile of Alexander Ovechkin was […]

The Missing 60 Minutes: Andy Rooney and I Are Cranky

A defining trait of the ’06-’07 Caps to date is their inability to put together 60 minutes of quality hockey — the type of outing in which a controlling tone is established in the earliest shifts; the team stakes itself to a lead it never relinquishes; penalties are kept to a manageable number; special teams […]